Our IELTS/ESL Teaching team

James Foster

Led by James Foster (UK) – an x-IELTS Examiner with over 20 years of teaching experience (15+ in China).  Author of the recent 9分达人雅思口语宝典 and 9分达人雅思写作宝典 books as well as the 剑桥雅思真题全解 series from 11 to the most recent version – 18.

Stu Jones

Stu Jones (UK) – a highly experienced IELTS and ESL Specialist who has more than 10 years of teaching experince in China.  He has worked with James on a number of different projects and is a valued Team Leader within BSH.


A Na (China) – an existing lecturer with 20+ years of ESL teaching experience at the university level.  Worked with James while he was a BJTU and organised Teacher Training as well as blended IELTS programs.  A respected and valued member of the BSH team.

Ryan Kinslow (UK) – an energetic and experienced teacher of 8+ years.  Currently works with James at UCAS teaching ESL Speaking and Writing to Masters and PhD students.  A new and valued member of the BSH team.

Ryan Kinslow

Phil Docherty (UK) – another x-IELTS Examiner with enormous experience both examining and teaching IELTS.  Worked with James at UCAS before returning to the UK.  Performs Online classes only.

Phil Docherty
Liza A Pic

Liza A. Schedl (Ukraine) – has around 10 years of experience teaching IELTS/ESL at the university level in China, having taught at BFA and UIBE.  Now living in Munich, she is available for Online classes only.  

Juan Hernadez

Juan Hernandez (USA) – an experienced ESL teacher with experience in a variety of countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia and China.  Principally responsible for our IELTS Grammar and Vocabulary classes.

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