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Online and Blended IELTS Courses

We offer universities access to our online IELTS courses and other IELTS related content through our BSH (bsh1.cn), IELTS with James (yasi.eduzms.com), and BSH LMS (xuexi.bsh1.cn) websites.

IELTS Teacher Consulting/Training

We offer a range of courses to support teachers of our IELTS content from a 2-day course on our LMS to 2-days course on aspects of the IELTS exam focusing on the IELTS Speaking and Writing.

LMS, IELTS Teaching and Mock Test support

We have a dedicated team of support personnel to help with any problems you may encounter using our LMS, teaching your students IELTS, or performing the BSH benchmark, mid or end of term IELTS mock exams.

British Council Certification

We can help teachers apply for and obtain British Council certification in teaching of all aspects of the IELTS Exam - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Useful for personal satisfaction and career progression.

UCAS and UK University Masters Applications

Our team of experts can support your existing staff in helping process your students' UK University applications whether this is at Bachelors (through UCAS) or Masters/PhD level (direct with the UK university).

Can we help in other ways? Probably!

If you would like to know more about how we can help your university and teaching staff improve their IELTS teaching capacity and skills, please contact us at sales@bsh1.cn and one of our team will respond.

Using Technology

Technology can be used to help teachers.

Technology moves forward quickly, with new forms emerging all the time. Technologies like ChatGPT, AI and MOOCs are here to stay and will only grow more in the future.  We at BSH understand this, and harness differnt forms of technology to support teachers with their daily tasks, not replace them.

  • Our LMS is based on Moodle – a platform used worldwide by 200m+ students and educators
  • Our ESL/IELTS specialists will check all writing tasks with Grammarly – who have around 30m users worldwide
  • We encourage the use of WeChat groups for different classes and communication with our support team.
  • We encourage ChatGPT to help students understand different topics and styles of writing.
Technology Services
Happy teachers, happy students

The most important people in any educational institution are ...

James with Students

the teachers and

Poor teaching performance often comes because teachers feel overworked and stressed. We at BSH understand this and use technology to relieve some of that burden, so that teacher can feel more relaxed and focus on student learning.

the students

Students come to your institution to receive high quality learning from your Professors and other teaching staff. It's important that they get just that. We at BSH can help you 'raise the bar' in your students' IELTS learning and offer your staff and management team advice and support using our technological services.

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